Titan Infrastructure Development


Fibre-optic deployment.

The technology employed is a rapid deployment, slot-cut micro-duct system through which fibre-optic cables are blown. Titan has developed a unique solution which now allow us to deploy Fibre Optic cable at a fraction of the cost of previous methods. Driven by the demand to provide a higher bandwidth solution Titan can now provide real cost effective alternatives to Leased or Wireless solutions.

Micro Trenching technology replaces the need for a traditional trench. A slot is cut 19 to 32mm wide and up to 300mm deep in the surface of the road. The narrow slot makes the process extremely efficient and quick. A special vacuum system is used to clean the slot eliminating most dust. Micro tubes are then placed in the slot which can take up to 288 fibres.

Reinstatement of the road is achieved using a waterproof flexible material that bonds the surface back together and allow for natural expansion and contraction in the surface.